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Session: Isabella

This session is literally one of my favorites of the year.


So initially, I sent Issa a mood board that was pretty different from our outcome. I wanted it to be nature-y. But shoot was supposed to be at a fruit stand with a head scarf, red lipstick, that works.

Only thing sis we could NOT find a fruit stand lol. But to be honest, I didn't look hard enough. Anyways... I found an even better spot. The local ACE hardware near my job has a garden center. I had no idea about it but something told me go take a look inside this hardware store. So I followed the voice.

And I kid you not, this garden center is so beautiful. It was perfect, unintentionally. I always say the BEST sessions come unexpectedly. And this was that.

Issa went thrifting and found this beautiful denim dress, we added some minimalist jewelry and just went crazy. I had SO much fun doing this. Sometimes it's really what keeps me going, just to keep working and seeing what I can create. But this would have NEVER been possible without her. Having a model who is comfortable with great energy that can work the camera.

You da best Issa!!

location: north atlanta, ga

model: issa @issa.bellabeauty

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