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web design checklist


I have so many clients who come to me with their business idea, products in hand and ready to get their online store going. YASSSSSSSSS! But wait, what else do you need? Do you have your business email, your logo, your policies?

There are a few items you will want to have together prior to getting your website started. Some very important items. For example, if you're selling and shipping products, do you have a return policy? Do you have procedures for fraudulent orders or incorrect orders? Do you have your product images and pricing together? Are you considering shipping and taxes?⁣

Think about these things before you say "I'm ready". ⁣I've created an updated, downloadable list so you can get all of your content together BEFORE inquiring about a design. This way, once you're ready, we can pull the trigger and get going!

Download the checklist for FREE below by signing up!

Thank you! Now check your email!

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