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bringing your vision to life

When it comes to a website for your brand, there's a good chance you don't know where to start, OR you've tried to create it yourself but became a bit overwhelmed. 

Building a website is definitely a project that takes time and planning, but with a little help, the road from vision to reality can be extremely rewarding and exciting. 

Working with me will not only give you more time to focus on building your business in other areas, but you can be sure your web design is in good hands from start to finish.

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the process
4. Approval and launch.

You will place your order by purchasing the web design package you need. You'll either pay the deposit or full amount to get started.

2. Gathering content.

You will recieve an email with a link where you will submit all of your content within 48 hours of your purchase. This MUST be completed, and content delivered as instructed, within 3 days after you get the email. It is IMPERATIVE that you send all of your content on time so we can ensure you're website is completed within the 3-4 week time frame I provide.


I’ll gather all the basic business info, your copy/text, pictures, product info and though this form. 

Once all your content is added and your website design is complete, I will have you do a final review and approve. After I’ve received your approval, you’ll pay your remaining balance, and I will work on making your website live! This includes connecting your domain which may take 48-72 hours. In the meantime, I’ll design a launch graphic for you to share on social media once it’s up and running. 

6. Management call. 

While your website is connecting to your domain, I will schedule a Zoom meeting with you which you’ll join using your laptop or tablet. On this call I will go over how to control different aspects of your website and/or managing your store.

3. The design starts.

During the design process, I’ll be working to bring your vision to life! Once the foundation is complete for your website (i.e. once I have the template laid out, but still adding content and pages) I’ll send you a demo link where you can preview everything and provide me with feedback.  This process can take 3-6 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of your project. I will provide you with an estimated finish time on our discovery time. 

1. You place your order
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  • What exactly is branding?
    It’s your reputation and recognition. It’s how your clients persevere you, and/or your products or services. A brand is eye catching, influencing, familiar, consistent and trustworthy. From your logo, to your website, to your Instagram content and copyright, your products and your marketing materials, all of this and more narrows down to one thing, the brand.
  • I already have some of my branding done but need a little guidance. Any advice?
    Of course! If you need assisting developing what you already have I offer development coaching to guide you and ensure you’re taking your brand in the right direction.
  • What platform do you use to build your client’s websites?
    Depending on the need of the brand and the client I use Squarespace, Wix or Format.
  • How much can I expect to invest on my branding package?
    Your investment is dependent upon the needs of the brand but typically starts at $200.
  • I want to build my brand but I don’t know where to start. Can you assist me with this?
    That’s exactly why I’m here. We will have a one-on-one consultation that will lay out the branding package and build from there.
  • How long does it take to execute the branding package and take my brand live?
    This is all determined on the size of the project. Typically, a standard branding package takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete from consultation to ‘grand opening’.
  • What’s a branding package?
    A branding package will include all the essential items your brand needs to get the ball rolling. Typically this will include a logo, the brand style sheet, website design with branded domain and email, and marketing material design (business cards, and social media template).
  • I want to make changes to my brand’s website myself. Is that possible?
    Yes! You will always have access to the back-end of your website if you want to make adjustments. I’m totally here to do it if you need me to, but will also coach you on how to make simple changes so you have more control over everything within the site.
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