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shooting away from home

I’ve been shooting in studio for over 3 years and it’s all been in the same building, on High St. in Oakland. California. So when I knew I was going to be shooting in a whole new spot I can’t begin to explain how nervous I was. From finding the place, to meeting the people there. The whole experience kept my palms sweaty the entire time. I’m hella shy really, but not so much as to where I don’t talk in big crowds shy but rather I talk too much and stumble over my words. Like that super awkward shy where you say stuff that doesn’t even make sense cus you’re just talking to talk... lmfao yeah that. Anyways... 

My first time shooting at Cam Kirk was with my client Lashes by Ru. We did some simple portraits to create content for her brand. My second and most recent was with Brittany. This was a little different for me. I didn’t use any strobe lights or reflectors. Just natural light. It was a challenge for me and of course I was hellaaaa nervous. Worried about not getting the proper exposure or over doing it because I don’t have control over my lighting... it actually was dope af. I can say I needed this experience. Brittany is amazing at styling and although I had my own vision, I was in awe over hers and was more excited for the direction it was going. 

I can say I am super excited for what’s to come for me out here in Atlanta. I’m not as home sick as I thought I would be but there are times when it hits me. Hard. I find myself trying to find the resemblances between Georgia and California but honestly it’s as different as left from right. And I appreciate that. I’m completely out of my comfort zone and all I’m familiar with and I love every minute. 

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